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1    a secondary woody stem arising from the trunk or bough of a tree or the main stem of a shrub  
2    a subdivision of the stem or root of any other plant  
3    an offshoot or secondary part  
a branch of a deer's antlers     
a    a subdivision or subsidiary section of something larger or more complex  
branches of learning, branch of the family     
b    (as modifier)  
a branch office     
5      (U.S.)   any small stream  
6      (Maths)   a section of a curve separated from the rest of the curve by discontinuities or special points  
7      (Also called)    jump     (Computing)   a departure from the normal sequence of programmed instructions into a separate program area  
8    an alternative route in a radioactive decay series  
9    intr   (of a tree or other plant) to produce or possess branches  
10    intr; usually foll by: from   (of stems, roots, etc.) to grow and diverge (from another part)  
11    to divide or be divided into subsidiaries or offshoots  
12    intr; often foll by: off   to diverge from the main way, road, topic, etc,   (See also)        branch out  
     (C13: from Old French branche, from Late Latin branca paw, foot)  
  branchless      adj  
  branchlike      adj  
  branchy      adj  

      adj and n combining form   (in zoology) indicating gills  
     (from Latin: branchia)  
branch instruction  
      n     (Computing)   a machine-language or assembly-language instruction that causes the computer to branch to another instruction  
branch line  
      n     (Railways)   a secondary route to a place or places not served by a main line  
branch officer  
      n   (in the British navy since 1949) any officer who holds warrant  
branch out  
      vb   intr, adv; often foll by: into   to expand or extend one's interests  
our business has branched out into computers now     
olive branch  
1    a branch of an olive tree used to symbolize peace  
2    any offering of peace or conciliation  
Special Branch  
      n   (in Britain) the department of the police force that is concerned with political security  
      adj   denoting a cable television system in which all available programme channels are fed to each subscriber  
   Compare       switched-star  
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(botany) any of the long slender shoots that grow from the stem or branch of a tree: usually removed during pruning
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