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1    of or relating to a text or texts  
2    based on or conforming to a text  
  textually      adv  

textual criticism  
1    the scholarly study of manuscripts, esp. of the Bible, in an effort to establish the original text  
2    literary criticism emphasizing a close analysis of the text  
  textual critic      n  
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a willingness to believe in the absence of sufficient evidence, or contrary to the evidence.
this could cover all instances of use of the word 'faith'.
Forensic is used to describe the work of scientists who examine evidence in order to help the police solve crimes.
The discovery of admissible evidence using techniques with computers and electronic digital devices is called cyber forensics
[Tech.] presentation of discovered data as evidence in court
the secretary of state is required by the police and criminal evidence act to make provision by regulations for recording, in national police records, convictions and cautions for such offences as are required.
take a decision based on one's subjective conclusions, when objective evidence is not available
Phrase used when someone has brought all the evidences to support his point of view; "I'm done with explanations"


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