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1    the art or profession of a teacher  
2    sometimes pl   something taught; precept  
3    modifier   denoting a person or institution that teaches  
a teaching hospital     
4    modifier   used in teaching  
teaching aids     

Nuffield teaching project  
      n   (in Britain) a complete school programme in mathematics, science, languages, etc., with suggested complementary theory and practical work  
teaching aid  
      n   any device, object, or machine used by a teacher to clarify or enliven a subject  
teaching fellow  
      n   a postgraduate student who is given tuition, accommodation, expenses, etc., in return for some teaching duties  
  teaching fellowship      n  
teaching hospital  
      n   a hospital that is affiliated to a medical school and provides the students with teaching and supervised practical experience  
teaching machine  
      n   a machine that presents information and questions to the user, registers the answers, and indicates whether these are correct or acceptable  
teaching practice  
      n   a temporary period of teaching in a school undertaken under supervision by a person who is training to become a teacher  
team teaching  
      n   a system whereby two or more teachers pool their skills, knowledge, etc., to teach combined classes  
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blindly believe in smth.; embrace an idea/practice without questioning it.
from the mass-suicide led by People Temple organization leader in 1978, who asked his followers to drink poisoned Kool-Aid juice.


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