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      vb   , swings, swinging, swung  
1    to move or cause to move rhythmically to and fro, as a free-hanging object; sway  
2    intr   to move, walk, etc., with a relaxed and swaying motion  
3    to pivot or cause to pivot, as on a hinge  
4    to move or cause to move in a curve  
the car swung around the bend     
5    to move or cause to move by suspending or being suspended  
6    to hang or be hung so as to be able to turn freely  
7    intr  
Slang   to be hanged  
he'll swing for it     
8    to alter or cause to alter habits, a course, etc.  
9    tr  
Informal   to influence or manipulate successfully  
I hope he can swing the deal     
10    tr; foll by: up   to raise or hoist, esp. in a sweeping motion  
11    intr; often foll by: at   to hit out or strike (at), esp. with a sweeping motion  
12    tr   to wave (a weapon, etc.) in a sweeping motion; flourish  
13    to arrange or play (music) with the rhythmically flexible and compulsive quality associated with jazz  
14    intr   (of popular music, esp. jazz, or of the musicians who play it) to have this quality  
15    Slang   to be lively and modern  
16    intr  
Slang   to swap sexual partners in a group, esp. habitually  
17    intr     (Cricket)   to bowl (a ball) with swing or (of a ball) to move with a swing  
18    to turn (a ship or aircraft) in order to test compass error  
19    swing both ways  
Slang   to enjoy sexual partners of both sexes  
20    swing the lead  
Informal   to malinger or make up excuses  
21    the act or manner of swinging or the distance covered while swinging  
a wide swing     
22    a sweeping stroke or blow  
23      (Boxing)   a wide punch from the side similar to but longer than a hook  
24      (Cricket)   the lateral movement of a bowled ball through the air  
25    any free-swaying motion  
26    any curving movement; sweep  
27    something that swings or is swung, esp. a suspended seat on which a person may sit and swing back and forth  
a    a kind of popular dance music influenced by jazz, usually played by big bands and originating in the 1930s  
b    (as modifier)  
swing music     
29      (Prosody)   a steady distinct rhythm or cadence in prose or verse  
30    Informal   the normal round or pace  
get into the swing of things     
a    a fluctuation, as in some business activity, voting pattern etc.  
b    as modifier   able to bring about a swing in a voting pattern  
swing party     
32      (U.S.)  
informal   free scope; freedom of activity  
33      (Chiefly U.S.)   a circular tour  
34      (Canadian)   a tour of a particular area or region  
35    go with a swing   to go well; be successful  
36    in full swing   at the height of activity  
37    swings and roundabouts   equal advantages and disadvantages  
     (Old English swingan; related to Old Frisian swinga, Old High German swingan)  

swing bridge  
1      (Also called)    pivot bridge, turn bridge   a low bridge that can be rotated about a vertical axis, esp. to permit the passage of ships  
   Compare       drawbridge  
2      (N.Z.)   a pedestrian bridge over a river, suspended by heavy wire cables  
swing door   , swinging door  
      n   a door pivoted or hung on double-sided hinges so that it can open either way  
swing shift  
      n      the usual U.S. and Canadian term for       backshift  
1    of or relating to a variable-geometry aircraft  
a    such an aircraft  
b    either wing of such an aircraft  
western swing  
      n   a 1930s jazz-influenced style of country music  
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1    be pendent, be suspended, dangle, hang, move back and forth, suspend  
2    fluctuate, oscillate, rock, sway, vary, veer, vibrate, wave  
3      (usually with)       round   curve, pivot, rotate, swivel, turn, turn on one's heel, wheel  
4    fluctuation, oscillation, stroke, sway, swaying, vibration  
5    in full swing      animated, at its height, lively, on the go     (informal)   under way  

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