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1    tr   to keep, set aside, or accumulate for future use  
2    tr   to place in a warehouse, depository, etc., for safekeeping  
3    tr   to supply, provide, or stock  
4    intr   to be put into storage  
5      (Computing)   to enter or retain (information) in a storage device  
a    an establishment for the retail sale of goods and services  
b    (in combination)  
a    a large supply or stock kept for future use  
b    (as modifier)  
store ship     
8       short for       department store  
a    a storage place such as a warehouse or depository  
b    (in combination)  
10    the state of being stored (esp. in the phrase in store)  
11    a large amount or quantity  
12      (Computing)     (chiefly Brit)      another name for       memory       7  
13      (Also called)    store pig   a pig that has not yet been weaned and weighs less than 40 kg  
a    an animal bought lean to be fattened up for market  
b    (as modifier)  
store cattle     
15    in store   forthcoming or imminent  
16    lay, put, or set store by   to value or reckon as important,   (See also)        stores  
     (C13: from Old French estor, from estorer to restore, from Latin instaurare to refresh; related to Greek stauros stake)  
  storable      adj  

backing store  
      n   a computer storage device, usually a disk, that provides additional storage space for information so that it can be accessed and referred to when required and may be copied into the processor if needed  
candy store  
      n      a U.S. and Canadian term for       sweet shop  
chain store  
      n   one of several retail enterprises under the same ownership and management,   (Also called)    multiple store  
convenience store  
      n   a shop that has long opening hours, caters to local tastes, and is conveniently situated  
core store  
      n   an obsolete type of computer memory made up of a matrix of cores  
department store  
      n   a large shop divided into departments selling a great many kinds of goods  
discount store  
      n   a shop where goods are sold at a low price  
      adj   available or taking place within a department store  
in-store banking facilities     
liquor store  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)      See       package store  
main store  
      n     (Computing)      another name for       memory       7  
multiple store  
      n   one of several retail enterprises under the same ownership and management,   (Also called)    multiple shop  
package store  
      n     (U.S)   a store where alcoholic drinks are sold for consumption elsewhere,   (Canadian name (also sometimes used in the U.S.))    liquor store     (Brit. equivalent)    off-licence  
store and forward  
      vb   to store (information) in a computer for later forward transmission through a telecommunication network  
Store Bælt  
      n      the Danish name for the       Great Belt  
store card  
      n      another name for       charge card  
store of value  
      n     (Economics)   the function of money that enables goods and services to be paid for a considerable time after they have been acquired  
wool store  
      n     (Austral. and N.Z)   a building where bales of wool are stored and made available to prospective buyers for inspection  
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to steal something from a shop or a store during trading hours
business operating in a "real world" not on the internet : like a department store, a car manufacturer
see : click and mortar : a business that combine new technologies and traditional business
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