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1    brilliant or fine, esp. in appearance  
2    characterized by magnificence; imposing  
3    glorious or illustrious  
a splendid reputation     
4    brightly gleaming; radiant  
her splendid face, splendid colours     
5    very good or satisfactory  
a splendid time     
     (C17: from Latin splendidus, from splendere to shine)  
  splendidly      adv  
  splendidness      n  
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1    admirable, brilliant, exceptional, glorious, grand, heroic, illustrious, magnificent, outstanding, rare, remarkable, renowned, sterling, sublime, superb, supreme  
2    costly, dazzling, gorgeous, imposing, impressive, lavish, luxurious, magnificent, ornate, resplendent, rich, splendiferous     (facetious)   sumptuous, superb  
3    awesome     (slang)   bodacious     (slang, chiefly U.S.)   boffo     (slang)   brill     (informal)   chillin'     (U.S. slang)   cracking     (Brit. informal)   crucial     (slang)   def     (slang)   excellent, fantastic     (informal)   fine, first-class, glorious, great     (informal)   marvellous, mean     (slang)   mega     (slang)   sovereign, topping     (Brit. slang)   wonderful  
4    beaming, bright, brilliant, glittering, glowing, lustrous, radiant, refulgent  
   beggarly, depressing, disgusting, distressed, drab, dull, ignoble, ignominious, lacklustre, low, mean, mediocre, miserable, no great shakes     (informal)   ordinary, pathetic, plain, poor, poverty-stricken, rotten, run-of-the-mill, sombre, sordid, squalid, tarnished, tawdry, undistinguished, unexceptional  

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