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      n   pl   , -cies  
1      (Biology)  
a    any of the taxonomic groups into which a genus is divided, the members of which are capable of interbreeding: often containing subspecies, varieties, or races. A species is designated in italics by the genus name followed by the specific name, for example Felis domesticus (the domestic cat),   (Abbrev.)    sp  
b    the animals of such a group  
c    any group of related animals or plants not necessarily of this taxonomic rank  
2    modifier   denoting a plant that is a natural member of a species rather than a hybrid or cultivar  
a species clematis     
3      (Logic)   a group of objects or individuals, all sharing at least one common attribute, that forms a subdivision of a genus  
4    a kind, sort, or variety  
a species of treachery     
5      (Chiefly R.C. Church)   the outward form of the bread and wine in the Eucharist  
6    Obsolete   an outward appearance or form  
7    Obsolete   specie  
     (C16: from Latin: appearance, from specere to look)  
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arboreal, nocturnal and insectivorous species of bear in the Indian subcontinent
known also as Labiated Bear
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