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1    tr   to refrain from killing, punishing, harming, or injuring  
2    tr   to release or relieve, as from pain, suffering, etc.  
3    tr   to refrain from using  
spare the rod, spoil the child     
4    tr   to be able to afford or give  
I can't spare the time     
5    usually passive   (esp. of Providence) to allow to survive  
I'll see you again next year if we are spared     
6    intr  
Now rare   to act or live frugally  
7    intr  
Rare   to show mercy  
8    not spare oneself   to exert oneself to the full  
9    to spare   more than is required  
two minutes to spare     
10    often immediately postpositive   in excess of what is needed; additional  
are there any seats spare?     
11    able to be used when needed  
a spare part     
12    (of a person) thin and lean  
13    scanty or meagre  
14    postpositive     (Brit)  
slang   upset, angry, or distracted (esp. in the phrase go spare)  
15    a duplicate kept as a replacement in case of damage or loss  
16    a spare tyre  
17      (Tenpin bowling)  
a    the act of knocking down all the pins with the two bowls of a single frame  
b    the score thus made  
   Compare       strike       40  
     (Old English sparian to refrain from injuring; related to Old Norse spara, Old High German sparon)  
  sparely      adv  
  spareness      n  
  sparer      n  

spare part  
      n   a duplicate or replacement component for a machine or other equipment  
spare-part surgery  
      n   surgical replacement of defective or damaged organs by transplant or insertion of artificial devices  
spare tyre  
1    an additional tyre, usually mounted on a wheel, carried by a motor vehicle in case of puncture  
2      (Brit)  
slang, jocular   a deposit of fat just above the waist  
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change something into something better
Jesus can fanute water into wine.
expression meaning "things never change"
When something is 'in the air', it means something exciting or significant is taking place or about to happen. Ex.: Spring is in the air - it's time for change!
a website that did not undergo any change for a long period of time
the point where a minor change turns into a major and irreversible one
[Bus.] E.g. : Some have anticipated that social media would be the tipping point of web marketing.
means a different approach or a welcome change to something. Ex.: anna has lots of wonderful ideas and motivation - she is a breath of fresh air.
expression used for warning that, although something seems to be over, settled, new events that could change the situation may occur
syn.: "it ain't over till it's over"
keep informed of changes
"Please, keep me posted on your project`s progress."
is a test process that is performed after the software has been changed in order to verify if the changes didn't affect other software parts
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