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sic transit gloria mundi

  (Latin)   thus passes the glory of the world  
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a    the passage or conveyance of goods or people  
b    (as modifier)  
a transit visa     
2    a change or transition  
3    a route  
4      (Astronomy)  
a    the passage of a celestial body or satellite across the face of a relatively larger body as seen from the earth  
b    the apparent passage of a celestial body across the meridian, caused by the earth's diurnal rotation  
5      (Astrology)   the passage of a planet across some special point on the zodiac  
6    in transit   while being conveyed; during passage  
7    to make a transit through or over (something)  
8      (Astronomy)   to make a transit across (a celestial body or the meridian)  
9    to cause (the telescope of a surveying instrument) to turn over or (of such a telescope) to be turned over in a vertical plane so that it points in the opposite direction  
     (C15: from Latin transitus a going over, from transire to pass over; see transient)  
  transitable      adj  

rapid transit chess  
      n      the U.S. name for       lightning chess  
     (from the name of the New York City underground railway system)  
sic transit gloria mundi     (Latin)   thus passes the glory of the world  
transit camp  
      n   a camp in which refugees, soldiers, etc., live temporarily before moving to another destination  
transit instrument  
      n   an astronomical instrument, mounted on an E-W axis, in which the reticle of a telescope is always in the plane of the meridian. It is used to time the transit of a star, etc., across the meridian  
transit theodolite  
      n   a theodolite the telescope of which can be rotated completely about its horizontal axis  

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1    carriage, conveyance, crossing, motion, movement, passage, portage, shipment, transfer, transport, transportation, travel, traverse  
2    alteration, change, changeover, conversion, shift, transition  
3    in transit      during passage, en route, on the journey, on the move, on the road, on the way, while travelling  
4    cross, journey, move, pass, travel, traverse  

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