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1    any of various chiefly marine decapod crustaceans of the genus Crangon and related genera, having a slender flattened body with a long tail and a single pair of pincers  
2    any of various similar but unrelated crustaceans, such as the opossum shrimp and mantis shrimp  
3      (Also called)    freshwater shrimp   any of various freshwater shrimplike amphipod crustaceans of the genus Gammarus, esp. G. pulex  
4      (Also called)    sand shrimp   any of various shrimplike amphipod crustaceans of the genus Gammarus, esp. G. locusta,   (See also)        opossum shrimp  
5    Informal   a diminutive person, esp. a child  
6    intr   to fish for shrimps  
     (C14: probably of Germanic origin; compare Middle Low German schrempen to shrink; see scrimp, crimp)  
  shrimper      n  

fairy shrimp  
      n   any small freshwater branchiopod crustacean of the genera Chirocephalus, Artemia, etc., having a transparent body with many appendages and habitually swimming on its back: order Anostraca  
mantis shrimp   , crab  
      n   any of various burrowing marine shrimplike crustaceans of the order Stomatopoda that have a pair of large grasping appendages: subclass Malacostraca  
   See also       squilla  
opossum shrimp  
      n   any of various shrimplike crustaceans of the genera Mysis, Praunus, etc., of the order Mysidacea, in which the females carry the eggs and young around in a ventral brood pouch  
sand shrimp  
      n      See       shrimp       4  
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