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1    usually prenominal  
a    coming after the sixth and before the eighth in numbering or counting order, position, time, etc.; being the ordinal number of seven: often written 7th  
b    (as n.)  
she left on the seventh, he was the seventh to arrive     
a    one of seven equal or nearly equal parts of an object, quantity, measurement, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a seventh part     
3    the fraction equal to one divided by seven (1/7)  
4      (Music)  
a    the interval between one note and another seven notes away from it counting inclusively along the diatonic scale  
b    one of two notes constituting such an interval in relation to the other  
   See also       major       13       minor       4       interval       5  
c       short for       seventh chord  
5      (Also)    seventhly   after the sixth person, position, event, etc.  
      sentence connector  
6      (Also)    seventhly   as the seventh point: linking what follows to the previous statements, as in a speech or argument  

diminished seventh chord  
      n   a chord often used in an enharmonic modulation and very common in modern music, esp. jazz and pop music, consisting of a diminished triad with an added diminished seventh above the root,   (Often shortened to)    diminished seventh  
dominant seventh chord  
      n   a chord consisting of the dominant and the major third, perfect fifth, and minor seventh above it. Its most natural resolution is to a chord on the tonic  
major seventh chord  
      n   a chord much used in modern music, esp. jazz and pop, consisting of a major triad with an added major seventh above the root  
   Compare       minor seventh chord     (Often shortened to)    major seventh  
minor seventh chord  
      n   a chord consisting of a minor triad with an added minor seventh above the root  
   Compare       major seventh chord     (Often shortened to)    minor seventh  
seventh chord  
      n     (Music)   a chord consisting of a triad with a seventh added above the root  
   See       dominant seventh chord       diminished seventh chord       major seventh chord       minor seventh chord  
Seventh-Day Adventist  
      n     (Protestant theol)   a member of that branch of the Adventists which constituted itself as a separate body after the expected Second Coming of Christ failed to be realized in 1844. They are strongly Protestant, believe that Christ's coming is imminent, and observe Saturday instead of Sunday as their Sabbath  
seventh heaven  
1    the final state of eternal bliss, esp. according to Talmudic and Muslim eschatology  
2    a state of supreme happiness  
     (C19: so named from the belief that there are seven levels of heaven, the seventh and most exalted being the abode of God and the angels)  
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