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1    to be in the service of (a person)  
2    to render or be of service to (a person, cause, etc.); help  
3    (in a shop) to give (customers) information about articles for sale and to hand over articles purchased  
4    tr   to provide (guests, customers, etc.) with food, drink, etc.  
she served her guests with cocktails     
5    to distribute or provide (food, drink, etc.) for guests, customers, etc.  
do you serve coffee?     
6    tr; sometimes foll by: up   to present (food, drink, etc.) in a specified manner  
cauliflower served with cheese sauce     
7    tr   to provide with a regular supply of  
8    tr   to work actively for  
to serve the government     
9    tr   to pay homage to  
to serve God     
10    to answer the requirements of; suit  
this will serve my purpose     
11    intr; may take an infinitive   to have a use; function  
this wood will serve to build a fire     
12    to go through (a period of service, enlistment, imprisonment, etc.)  
13    intr   (of weather, conditions, etc.) to be favourable or suitable  
14    tr     (Also)    service   (of a male animal) to copulate with (a female animal)  
15      (Tennis, squash, etc.)   to put (the ball) into play  
16    intr     (R.C. Church)   to act as server at Mass or other services  
17    tr   to deliver (a legal document, esp. a writ or summons) to (a person)  
18    to provide (a machine, etc.) with an impulse or signal for control purposes or with a continuous supply of fuel, working material, etc.  
19    tr     (Nautical)   to bind (a rope, spar, etc.) with wire or fine cord to protect it from chafing, etc.  
   See also       seize       8  
20    serve (a person) right  
Informal   to pay (a person) back, esp. for wrongful or foolish treatment or behaviour  
21      (Tennis, squash, etc.)      short for       service       17  
22      (Austral)   a portion or helping of food or drink  
     (C13: from Old French servir, from Latin servire, from servus a slave)  
  servable, serveable      adj  

      vb   tr   to serve again  
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restaurant; bar, pub, cafe that serves also food
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