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Informal      short for       Santa Claus  

Santa Ana  
1      (Spanish)   a city in NW El Salvador: the second largest city in the country; coffee-processing industry. Pop.: 202337 (1992)  
2    a city in SW California: commercial and processing centre of a rich agricultural region. Pop.: 302419 (1996 est.)  
Santa Anna   , Santa Ana     (Spanish)  
      n   Antonio López de (<PH:a><PH:'><PH:t><PH:o><PH:n><PH:j><PH:o> <PH:'><PH:l><PH:o><PH:p><PH:E><PH:T> <PH:d><PH:e>). ?1795--1876, Mexican general, revolutionary, and president (1833--36, 1841--?45, 1847--48, 1853--55). In 1836, he captured the Alamo in an attempt to crush the Texan Revolution but was then defeated at San Jacinto  
Santa Catalina  
      n   an island in the Pacific, off the coast of SW California: part of Los Angeles county: resort. Area: 181 sq. km (70 sq. miles),   (Also called)    Catalina Island  
Santa Catarina     (Portuguese)  
      n   a state of S Brazil, on the Atlantic: consists chiefly of the Great Escarpment. Capital: Florianópolis. Pop.: 4836600 (1995 est.). Area: 95985 sq. km (37060 sq. miles)  
Santa Clara     (Spanish)  
      n   a city in W central Cuba: sugar and tobacco industries. Pop.: 205400 (1994 est.)  
Santa Claus  
      n   the legendary patron saint of children, commonly identified with Saint Nicholas, who brings presents to children on Christmas Eve or, in some European countries, on Saint Nicholas' Day,   (Often shortened to)    Santa     (Also called)    Father Christmas  
Santa Cruz   [1]     (Spanish)  
1    a province of S Argentina, on the Atlantic: consists of a large part of Patagonia, with the forested foothills of the Andes in the west. Capital: Río Gallegos. Pop.: 180115 (1995 est.). Area: 243940 sq. km (94186 sq. miles)  
2    a city in E Bolivia: the second largest town in Bolivia. Pop.: 767260 (1993 est.)  
3       another name for       Saint Croix  
Santa Cruz   [2]     (Spanish)  
      n   Alvaro de Bazán. 1526--88, Spanish naval commander, who proposed, assembled, and prepared the Spanish Armada but died shortly before it sailed for England  
Santa Cruz de Tenerife     (Spanish)  
      n   a port and resort in the W Canary Islands, on NE Tenerife: oil refinery. Pop.: 211389 (1986)  
Santa Fe  
1    a city in N central New Mexico, capital of the state: one of the oldest European settlements in North America, founded in 1610 as the capital of the Kingdom of New Mexico; developed trade with the U.S. by the Santa Fe Trail in the early 19th century. Pop.: 62514 (1994 est.)  
2      (Spanish)   an inland port in E Argentina, on the Salado River: University of the Littoral (1920). Pop.: 406388 (1991)  
  Santa Fean      adj, n  
Santa Fe Trail  
      n   an important trade route in the western U.S. from about 1821 to 1880, linking Independence, Missouri to Santa Fe, New Mexico  
Santa Gertrudis  
      n   one of a breed of large red beef cattle developed in Texas  
Santa Isabel     (Spanish)  
      n      the former name (until 1973) of       Malabo  
Santa Maria   [1]  
      n   the. the flagship of Columbus on his first voyage to America (1492)  
Santa Maria   [2]  
1      (Portuguese)   a city in S Brazil, in Rio Grande do Sul state. Pop.: 193294 (1991)  
2      (Spanish)   an active volcano in SW Guatemala. Height: 3768 m (12362 ft.)  
Santa Marta     (Spanish)  
      n   a port in NW Colombia, on the Caribbean: the oldest city in Colombia, founded in 1525; terminus of the Atlantic railway from Bogotá (opened 1961). Pop.: 343038 (1997 est.)  
Santa Maura  
      n      the Italian name for       Levkás  
Santa Rosa de Copán     (Spanish)  
      n   a village in W Honduras: noted for the ruined Mayan city of Copán, which lies to the west  
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