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1    having an uneven or jagged surface  
2    rocky or steep  
rugged scenery     
3    (of the face) strong-featured or furrowed  
4    rough, severe, or stern in character  
5    without refinement or culture; rude  
rugged manners     
6    involving hardship; harsh  
he leads a rugged life in the mountains     
7    difficult or hard  
a rugged test     
8    (of equipment, machines, etc.) designed to withstand rough treatment or use in rough conditions  
a handheld rugged computer which can survive being submerged in water     
9      (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   sturdy or strong; robust  
     (C14: from Scandinavian; compare Swedish rugga to make rough)  
  ruggedly      adv  
  ruggedness      n  
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