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1    space or extent, esp. unoccupied or unobstructed space for a particular purpose  
is there room to pass?     
2    an area within a building enclosed by a floor, a ceiling, and walls or partitions  
3    functioning as sing or pl   the people present in a room  
the whole room was laughing     
4    foll by: for   opportunity or scope  
room for manoeuvre     
5    pl   a part of a house, hotel, etc. that is rented out as separate accommodation; lodgings  
she got rooms quite easily in Dulwich Road     
6       a euphemistic word for       lavatory       1  
7    intr     (Chiefly U.S.)   to occupy or share a room or lodging  
where does he room?     
     (Old English rum; related to Gothic, Old High German rum)  
  roomer      n  

back room  
a    a place where research or planning is done, esp. secret research in wartime  
b    (as modifier)  
back-room boys     
barrack-room lawyer  
      n   a person who freely offers opinions, esp. in legal matters, that he is unqualified to give  
combination room  
      n     (Brit)   (at Cambridge University) a common room  
common room  
      n     (Chiefly Brit)   a sitting room in schools, colleges, etc., for the relaxation of students or staff  
composing room  
      n   the room in a printing establishment in which type is set  
consulting room  
      n   a room in which a doctor, esp. a general practitioner, sees his patients  
day room  
      n   a communal living room in a residential institution such as a hospital  
dining room  
      n   a room where meals are eaten  
drawing room  
1    a room where visitors are received and entertained; living room; sitting room  
2    Archaic   a ceremonial or formal reception, esp. at court  
dressing room  
1      (Theatre)   a room backstage for an actor to change clothing and to make up  
2    any room used for changing clothes, such as one at a sports ground or off a bedroom  
engine room  
      n   a place where engines are housed, esp. on a ship  
gun room  
1    (esp. in the Royal Navy) the mess allocated to subordinate or junior officers  
2    a room where guns are stored  
junior common room  
      n   (in certain universities and colleges) a common room for the use of students  
   Compare       senior common room       middle common room  
living room  
      n   a room in a private house or flat used for relaxation and entertainment of guests  
men's room  
      n     (Chiefly U.S. and Canadian)   a public lavatory for men  
middle common room  
      n   (in certain universities and colleges) a common room for the use of postgraduate students  
   Compare       junior common room       senior common room  
operations room  
      n   a room from which all the operations of a military, police, or other disciplined activity are controlled  
orderly room  
      n     (Military)   a room in the barracks of a battalion or company used for general administrative purposes  
powder room  
Euphemistic   a lavatory for women in a restaurant, department store, etc.  
projection room  
      n   a small room in a cinema in which the film projectors are operated  
pump room  
      n   a building or room at a spa in which the water from a mineral spring may be drunk  
reception room  
1    a room in a private house suitable for entertaining guests, esp. a lounge or dining room  
2    a room in a hotel suitable for large parties, receptions, etc.  
recreation room  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)  
1       the full name for       rec room  
2    a room in a hotel, hospital, etc., for entertainment and social gatherings  
rec room  
      n     (U.S. and Canadian)   a room in a house used by the family for relaxation and entertainment,   (In full)    recreation room  
rest room  
      n   a room in a public building having lavatories, washing facilities, and sometimes couches  
robing room  
      n   a room in a palace, court, legislature, etc., where official robes of office are put on  
room service  
      n   service in a hotel providing meals, drinks, etc., in guests' rooms  
room temperature  
      n   the normal temperature of a living room, usually taken as being around 20°C  
rumpus room  
      n     (U.S., Canadian, and N.Z.)   a room used for noisy activities, such as parties or children's games  
sea room  
      n   sufficient space to manoeuvre a vessel  
senior common room  
      n   (in British universities, colleges, etc.) a common room for the use of academic staff  
   Compare       junior common room  
sitting room  
      n   a room in a private house or flat used for relaxation and entertainment of guests  
smoking room   ,   (esp. Brit.)   smoke room  
      n   a room, esp. in a hotel or club, for those who wish to smoke  
steam room  
      n   a room that can be filled with steam for use as a steam bath  
still room  
      n     (Brit)  
1    a room in which distilling is carried out  
2    a pantry or storeroom, as in a large house  
tiring room  
Archaic   a dressing room in a theatre  
utility room  
      n   a room with equipment for domestic work like washing and ironing  
waiting room  
      n   a room in which people may wait, as at a railway station, doctor's or dentist's office, etc.  
withdrawing room  
      n      an archaic term for       drawing room  
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for ladies
one who designs a room interior
there is something really obvious that no one talks about
a room or place equipped for cooking.
I will cook in the kitchen.
This expression means it is better to let one's emotions out, rather than bottled up inside. It is also often said when someone has gas.
this is just something my grandmother would say in cajun french
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