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a    an open way, usually surfaced with tarmac or concrete, providing passage from one place to another  
b    (as modifier)  
road traffic, a road map, a road sign     
c    (in combination)  
the roadside     
a    a street  
b    (cap. when part of a name)  
London Road     
a      (U.S.)      short for       railroad  
b      (Brit)   one of the tracks of a railway  
4    a way, path, or course  
the road to fame     
5    often pl     (Also called)    roadstead     (Nautical)   a partly sheltered anchorage  
6    a drift or tunnel in a mine, esp. a level one  
7    hit the road  
Slang   to start or resume travelling  
8    on the road  
a    travelling, esp. as a salesman  
b    (of a theatre company, pop group, etc.) on tour  
c    leading a wandering life  
9    take (to) the road   to begin a journey or tour  
10    one for the road  
Informal   a last alcoholic drink before leaving  
     (Old English rad; related to ridan to ride, and to Old Saxon reda, Old Norse reith)  
  roadless      adj  

access road  
      n   a road providing a means of entry into a region or of approach to another road, esp. a motorway  
beef road  
      n     (Austral)   a road used for transporting cattle  
      n   (in Britain) a secondary road  
Burma Road  
      n   the route extending from Lashio in Burma (now Myanmar) to Chongqing in China, which was used by the Allies during World War II to supply military equipment to Chiang Kai-shek's forces in China  
clay road  
      n     (N.Z)   an unsealed and unmetalled road in a rural area  
concession road  
      n     (Canadian)   (esp. in Ontario) one of a series of roads separating concessions in a township  
corduroy road  
      n   a road across swampy ground, made of logs laid transversely  
dirt road  
      n   an unsealed country road  
escape road  
      n   a road, usually ending in a pile of sand, provided on a hill for a driver to drive into if his brakes fail or on a bend if he loses control of the turn  
knight of the road  
Informal or facetious  
1    a tramp  
2    a commercial traveller  
3    a lorry driver  
4    Obsolete   a highwayman  
1    not extreme, esp. in political views; moderate  
2    of, denoting, or relating to popular music having a wide general appeal  
  middle-of-the-roader      n  
      adj   (of a motor vehicle) designed or built for use away from public roads, esp. on rough terrain  
post road  
      n   a road or route over which post is carried and along which post houses were formerly sited  
ring road  
      n   a main road that bypasses a town or town centre,   (U.S. names)    belt, beltway  
road agent  
      n     (U.S)   (formerly) a bandit who robbed stagecoaches; highwayman  
road allowance  
      n     (Canadian)   land reserved by the government to be used for public roads  
road book  
      n   a book of maps, sometimes including a gazetteer  
road-fund licence  
      n     (Brit)   a licence showing that the tax payable in respect of a motor vehicle has been paid  
     (C20: from the former road fund for the maintenance of public highways)  
road hog  
Informal   a selfish or aggressive driver  
road hump  
      n      the official name for       sleeping policeman  
road metal  
      n   crushed rock, broken stone, etc., used to construct a road  
road movie  
      n   a genre of film in which the chief character is on the run or travelling in search of, or to escape from, himself  
road rage  
      n   aggressive behaviour by a motorist in response to the actions of another road user  
road show  
a    a radio show broadcast live from one of a number of towns or venues being visited by a disc jockey who is touring an area  
b    the touring disc jockey and the personnel and equipment needed to present such a show  
the Radio 1 road show will be in Brighton next week     
2    a group of entertainers, esp. pop musicians, on tour  
3    any occasion when an organization attracts publicity while touring or visiting  
an antiques roadshow, a royal roadshow     
road tax  
      n   a tax paid, usually annually, on motor vehicles in use on the roads  
road test  
1    a test to ensure that a vehicle is roadworthy, esp. after repair or servicing, by driving it on roads  
2    a test of something in actual use  
  road-test   tr  
3    to test (a vehicle) in this way  
road train  
      n     (Austral)   a line of linked trailers pulled by a truck, used for transporting stock, etc.  
royal road  
      n   an easy or direct way of achieving a desired end  
the royal road to success     
service road  
      n     (Brit)   a relatively narrow road running parallel to a main road and providing access to houses, shops, offices, factories, etc., situated along its length  
skid road  
      n     (in the U.S. and Canada)  
1    a track made of a set of logs laid transversely on which freshly cut timber can be hauled  
a    (in the West) the part of a town frequented by loggers  
b       another term for       skid row  
slip road  
      n     (Brit)   a short road connecting a motorway, etc., to another road  
trunk road  
      n     (Brit)   a main road, esp. one that is suitable for heavy vehicles  
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face a specific situation; act in a certain way
E.g.: John went out of rehab a few days ago and he is determined to not go down that road again.
a body part is a part of a human body, usually one that has been cut or torn from the body in a violent incident (such as an accident, an explosion, etc)
roads etc crowded with holidaymakers
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