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1    a slight wave or undulation on the surface of water  
2    a small wave or undulation in fabric, hair, etc.  
3    a sound reminiscent of water flowing quietly in ripples  
a ripple of laughter     
4      (Electronics)   an oscillation of small amplitude superimposed on a steady value  
5      (U.S. and Canadian)      another word for       riffle       4  
6       another word for       ripple mark  
7    intr   to form ripples or flow with a rippling or undulating motion  
8    tr   to stir up (water) so as to form ripples  
9    tr   to make ripple marks  
10    intr   (of sounds) to rise and fall gently  
her laughter rippled through the air     
     (C17: perhaps from rip1)  
  rippler      n  
  rippling      adj  
  ripplingly      adv  
  ripply      adj  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
an aspect of something that is very impressive or exciting
often used for houses: the wow factor is its high-tech kitchen
series of concentric, expanding circles caused by ripples in water from a central point
expression used for describing a perfect compatibility (between people, things, factors etc.)
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