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response variable


      n     (Statistics)      a more modern term for       dependent variable       2  
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1    the act of responding; reply or reaction  
2      (Bridge)   a bid replying to a partner's bid or double  
3    usually pl     (Christianity)   a short sentence or phrase recited or sung by the choir or congregation in reply to the officiant at a church service  
4      (Electronics)   the ratio of the output to the input level, at a particular frequency, of a transmission line or electrical device  
5    any pattern of glandular, muscular, or electrical reactions that arises from stimulation of the nervous system  
     (C14: from Latin responsum answer, from respondere to respond)  
  responseless      adj  

audio response  
      n   a computer response that is audible rather than textual or graphical  
bass response  
      n   the response of an audio reproduction system or component to low frequencies  
conditioned response  
      n     (Psychol)   a response that is transferred from the second to the first of a pair of stimuli. See classical conditioning. A well-known Pavlovian example is salivation by a dog when it hears a bell ring, because food has always been presented when the bell has been rung previously,   (Also called (esp. formerly))    conditioned reflex      See also       unconditioned response  
galvanic skin response  
      n   a change in the electrical resistance of the skin occurring in moments of strong emotion; measurements of this change are used in lie detector tests,   (Abbrev.)    GSR  
immune response  
      n   the reaction of an organism's body to foreign materials (antigens), including the production of antibodies  
psychogalvanic response  
      n      another name for       galvanic skin response     (Abbrev.)    PGR  
quick response  
      n     (Marketing)   the rapid replenishment of a customer's stock by a supplier with direct access to data from the customer's point of sale  
response time  
      n     (Computing)   the length of time taken by a system to respond to an instruction  
response variable  
      n     (Statistics)      a more modern term for       dependent variable       2  
unconditioned response  
      n   a reflex action innately elicited by a stimulus without the intervention of any learning process,   (Also called (esp. formerly))    unconditioned reflex      Compare       conditioned response  
voice response  
      n   output of information from a computer system in the form of speech rather than displayed text  

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acknowledgment, answer, comeback     (informal)   counterattack, counterblast, feedback, reaction, rejoinder, reply, retort, return, riposte  

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