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1    the act or an instance of resisting  
2    the capacity to withstand something, esp. the body's natural capacity to withstand disease  
a    the opposition to a flow of electric current through a circuit component, medium, or substance. It is the magnitude of the real part of the impedance and is measured in ohms.,   (Symbol)    R      Compare       reactance       1  
b    (as modifier)  
resistance coupling, a resistance thermometer     
4    any force that tends to retard or oppose motion  
air resistance, wind resistance     
5    (in psychoanalytical theory) the tendency of a person to prevent the translation of repressed thoughts and ideas from the unconscious to the conscious and esp. to resist the analyst's attempt to bring this about  
6      (Physics)   the magnitude of the real part of the acoustic or mechanical impedance  
7    line of least resistance   the easiest, but not necessarily the best or most honourable, course of action  
8       See       passive resistance  

internal resistance  
      n     (Physics)   the resistance of a cell, accumulator, etc., usually given as (E-V)/I, where E is the emf of the cell, and V the potential difference between terminals when it is delivering a current I  
negative resistance  
      n   a characteristic of certain electronic components in which an increase in the applied voltage increases the resistance, producing a proportional decrease in current  
passive resistance  
      n   resistance to a government, law, etc., made without violence, as by fasting, demonstrating peacefully, or refusing to cooperate  
pièce de résistance     (French)  
1    the principal or most outstanding item in a series or creative artist's work  
2    the main dish of a meal  
     (lit: piece of resistance)  
radiation resistance  
      n   the resistive component of the impedance of a radio transmitting aerial that arises from the radiation of power  
      n   the. an illegal organization fighting for national liberty in a country under enemy occupation, esp. in France during World War II  
resistance thermometer  
      n   an accurate type of thermometer in which temperature is calculated from the resistance of a coil of wire (usually of platinum) or of a semiconductor placed at the point at which the temperature is to be measured  
resistance welding  
      n   a welding technique in which the parts to be joined are held together under pressure and heat is produced by passing a current through the contact resistance formed between the two surfaces  
sales resistance  
      n   opposition of potential customers to selling, esp. aggressive selling  
specific resistance  
      n      the former name for       resistivity  
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1) a boat or ship or such vessels collectively 2) skill in handling boats or in water sports
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