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1    of, relating to, or designating a residue or remainder; remaining; left over  
2    (of deposits, soils, etc.) formed by the weathering of pre-existing rocks and the removal of disintegrated material  
3    of or relating to the payment of residuals  
4    something left over as a residue; remainder  
5      (Statistics)  
a    the difference between the mean of a set of observations and one particular observation  
b    the difference between the numerical value of one particular observation and the theoretical result  
6    often pl   payment made to an actor, actress, musician, etc., for subsequent use of film in which the person appears  
  residually      adv  

residual current device  
      n   a circuit-breaking device installed in electrical equipment to protect the operator from electrocution,   (Abbrev.)    RCD  
residual unemployment  
      n   the unemployment that remains in periods of full employment, as a result of those mentally, physically, or emotionally unfit to work  
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large enough to have an effect or be important
[US] The series has aroused considerable interest.
not matter; have no value or effect; be useless
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