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1    the act or an instance of reserving  
2    something reserved, esp. hotel accommodation, a seat on an aeroplane, in a theatre, etc.  
3    often pl   a stated or unstated qualification of opinion that prevents one's wholehearted acceptance of a proposal, claim, statement, etc.  
4    an area of land set aside, esp. (in the U.S.) for American Indian peoples  
5      (Brit)   the strip of land between the two carriageways of a dual carriageway  
6    the act or process of keeping back, esp. for oneself; withholding  
7      (Law)   a right or interest retained by the grantor in property granted, conveyed, leased, etc., to another  
a reservation of rent     

mental reservation  
      n   a tacit withholding of full assent or an unexpressed qualification made when one is taking an oath, making a statement, etc.  
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