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1    a person or team of people relieving others, as on a shift  
2    a fresh team of horses, dogs, etc., posted at intervals along a route to relieve others  
3    the act of relaying or process of being relayed  
a       short for       relay race  
b    one of the sections of a relay race  
5    an automatic device that controls the setting of a valve, switch, etc., by means of an electric motor, solenoid, or pneumatic mechanism  
6      (Electronics)   an electrical device in which a small change in current or voltage controls the switching on or off of circuits or other devices  
7      (Radio)  
a    a combination of a receiver and transmitter designed to receive radio signals and retransmit them, in order to extend their range  
b    (as modifier)  
a relay station     
      vb   tr  
8    to carry or spread (something, such as news or information) by relays  
9    to supply or replace with relays  
10    to retransmit (a signal) by means of a relay  
11      (Brit)   to broadcast (a performance) by sending out signals through a transmitting station  
this concert is being relayed from the Albert Hall     
     (C15 relaien, from Old French relaier to leave behind, from re- + laier to leave, ultimately from Latin laxare to loosen; see relax)  

relay fast  
      n   (esp. in India) a form of protest in which a number of persons go without food by turns,   (Also called)    relay hunger strike  
relay race  
      n   a race between two or more teams of contestants in which each contestant covers a specified portion of the distance  
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last days, hours or minutes of life
Medical term
humanitarian compassive care for avoiding suffering of a terminal state patient
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