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radiant energy


      n   energy that is emitted or propagated in the form of particles or electromagnetic radiation. It is measured in joules.,   (Symbol)    Qe  
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1    sending out rays of light; bright; shining  
2    characterized by health, intense joy, happiness, etc.  
a radiant countenance     
3    emitted or propagated by or as radiation; radiated  
radiant heat     
4    sending out heat by radiation  
a radiant heater     
5      (Physics)   (of a physical quantity in photometry) evaluated by absolute energy measurements  
radiant flux, radiant efficiency         Compare       luminous  
6    a point or object that emits radiation, esp. the part of a heater that gives out heat  
7      (Astronomy)   the point in space from which a meteor shower appears to emanate  
     (C15: from Latin radiare to shine, from radius ray of light, radius)  
  radiantly      adv  

radiant efficiency  
      n   the ratio of the power emitted by a source of radiation to the power consumed by it.,   (Symbol)    ηe  
radiant energy  
      n   energy that is emitted or propagated in the form of particles or electromagnetic radiation. It is measured in joules.,   (Symbol)    Qe  
radiant exitance  
      n   the ability of a surface to emit radiation expressed as the radiant flux emitted per unit area at a specified point on the surface.,   (Symbol)    Me  
radiant flux  
      n   the rate of flow of energy as radiation. It is measured in watts.,   (Symbol)    Φe  
radiant heat  
      n   heat transferred in the form of electromagnetic radiation rather than by conduction or convection; infrared radiation  
radiant heating  
      n   a system of heating a building by radiant heat emitted from panels containing electrical conductors, hot water, etc.  
radiant intensity  
      n   a measure of the amount of radiation emitted from a point expressed as the radiant flux per unit solid angle leaving this source.,   (Symbol)    Ie  

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1    beaming, bright, brilliant, effulgent, gleaming, glittering, glorious, glowing, incandescent, luminous, lustrous, resplendent, shining, sparkling, sunny  
2    beaming, beatific, blissed out, blissful, delighted, ecstatic, floating on air, gay, glowing, happy, joyful, joyous, on cloud nine     (informal)   rapt, rapturous, sent  
1    black, dark, dull, gloomy, sombre  
2    disconsolate, down in the dumps     (informal)   gloomy, joyless, low, miserable, sad, sombre, sorrowful  

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renewable energy obtainable on coasts based on the sea or ocean low and high tides
spend time and energy doing something that is pointless
expression arisen in the 15th century when Newcastle (England) was a major exporter of coal
abbr. acron.
Waste to Energy; Waste-to-energy (WtE) or energy-from-waste (EfW) is the process of generating energy in the form of electricity and/or heat from the primary treatment of waste
Mozette /moz-ette/ 1. A personality cult movement 2. A feminine adoration of Steven P. Morrissey 3. Followers of a charismatic leader with narcissistic traits, displaying an extraordinary amount of energy.
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