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1    (of an action, movement, etc.) performed or occurring during a comparatively short time  
a quick move     
2    lasting a comparatively short time; brief  
a quick flight     
3    accomplishing something in a time that is shorter than normal  
a quick worker     
4    characterized by rapidity of movement; swift or fast  
a quick walker     
5    immediate or prompt  
a quick reply     
6    postpositive   eager or ready to perform (an action)  
quick to criticize     
7    responsive to stimulation; perceptive or alert; lively  
a quick eye     
8    eager or enthusiastic for learning  
a quick intelligence     
9    easily excited or aroused  
a quick temper     
10    skilfully swift or nimble in one's movements or actions; deft  
quick fingers     
11    Archaic  
a    alive; living  
b    as n   living people (esp. in the phrase the quick and the dead)  
12    Archaic or dialect   lively or eager  
a quick dog     
13    (of a fire) burning briskly  
14    composed of living plants  
a quick hedge     
15    Dialect   (of sand) lacking firmness through being wet  
16    quick with child  
Archaic   pregnant, esp. being in an advanced state of pregnancy, when the movements of the fetus can be felt  
17    any area of living flesh that is highly sensitive to pain or touch, esp. that under a toenail or fingernail or around a healing wound  
18    the vital or most important part (of a thing)  
19       short for       quickset       1  
20    cut (someone) to the quick   to hurt (someone's) feelings deeply; offend gravely  
21    in a rapid or speedy manner; swiftly  
22    soon  
I hope he comes quick     
23    a command requiring the hearer to perform an action immediately or in as short a time as possible  
     (Old English cwicu living; related to Old Saxon quik, Old High German queck, Old Norse kvikr alive, Latin vivus alive, Greek bios life)  
  quickly      adv  
  quickness      n  

1    very quick; rapid  
2    in a very quick or rapid manner  
quick assets  
      pl n     (Accounting)   assets readily convertible into cash; liquid current assets  
quick-change artist  
      n   an actor or entertainer who undertakes several rapid changes of costume during his performance  
quick fire  
1    rapid continuous gunfire, esp. at a moving target  
2      (Also)    quick-firing   capable of or designed for quick fire  
3    Informal   rapid or following one another in rapid succession  
quick-fire questions     
      vb   , -freezes, -freezing, -froze, -frozen   tr   to preserve (food) by subjecting it to rapid refrigeration at temperatures of 0°C or lower  
quick grass  
      n      another name for       couch grass  
     (C17: Scot. and northern English variant of couch grass, from the earlier quick living; compare quitch grass)  
quick march  
1    a march at quick time or the order to proceed at such a pace  
2    a command to commence such a march  
quick response  
      n     (Marketing)   the rapid replenishment of a customer's stock by a supplier with direct access to data from the customer's point of sale  
      adj   readily roused to anger; irascible  
quick time  
      n     (Military)   the normal marching rate of 120 paces to the minute  
   Compare       double time       3, 4  
quick trick  
      n     (Bridge)   a high card almost certain to win a trick, usually an ace or a king: the unit in one of the systems of hand valuation  
      adj   having a keenly alert mind, esp. as used to avert danger, make effective reply, etc.  
  quick-wittedly      adv  
  quick-wittedness      n  
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very quickly; right now; in a big hurry
[UK][Slang] You should get out quick sticks if you don't want him to see you.
in a line, continuously, in quick succession
sentence containing all letters of a given alphabet at least once.The canonical example in English is: 'The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog'.
A perfect pangram contains each letter of the alphabet just once and thus is far more difficult to come up with. The best seems to be: 'Mr. Jock, TV quiz PhD, bags few lynx'.
1 of the Femur bone neck shaft 2 of the femoral artery 3 femoral arterial access
a digital method to shift or attribute the ownership and rights of online access to one’s online assts to another.
Cyber Legacy Locker is the safe and secure way to pass encrypted access key of online accounts to authorized assignee.
[Leg.];[Tech.] passing access key of online account to friends or love ones
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