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1    the act of protecting or the condition of being protected  
2    something that protects  
a    the imposition of duties or quotas on imports, designed for the protection of domestic industries against overseas competition, expansion of domestic employment, etc.  
b      (Also called)    protectionism   the system, policy, or theory of such restrictions  
   Compare       free trade  
4    a document that grants protection or immunity from arrest or harassment to a person, esp. a traveller  
5      (Mountaineering)   security on a climb provided by running belays, etc.  
6    Informal  
a      (Also called)    protection money   money demanded by gangsters for freedom from molestation  
b    freedom from molestation purchased in this way  
  protectionism      n  
  protectionist      n, adj  

cathodic protection  
      n     (Metallurgy)   a technique for protecting metal structures, such as steel ships and pipelines, from electrolytic corrosion by making the structure the cathode in a cell, either by applying an electromotive force directly or by putting it into contact with a more electropositive metal  
   See also       sacrificial anode  
cross protection  
      n     (Botany)   the protection against a viral infection given to a plant by its prior inoculation with a related but milder virus  
data protection  
      n   (in Britain) safeguards for individuals relating to personal data stored on a computer  
protection ratio  
      n   the minimum acceptable ratio between the amplitudes of a wanted radio or television broadcast signal and any interfering signal  
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unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.


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