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a    any thing, matter, person, etc., that is difficult to deal with, solve, or overcome  
b    (as modifier)  
a problem child     
2    a puzzle, question, etc., set for solution  
3      (Maths)   a statement requiring a solution usually by means of one or more operations or geometric constructions  
4    modifier   designating a literary work that deals with difficult moral questions  
a problem play     
     (C14: from Late Latin problema, from Greek: something put forward; related to proballein to throw forwards, from pro-2 + ballein to throw)  

mind-body problem  
      n   the traditional philosophical problem concerning the nature of mind, body, and the relationship between them  
   See       dualism       2       interactionism       parallelism       3       monism       1       idealism       3       materialism       2       identity theory       behaviourism       2  
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one who solves people's problems
a problem, a trouble, a hiccup
the fly in the ointment that summer was the terrible weather: l' ennui cet été là fut le mauvais temps.
The state of being acceptable or officially true; the statement that is powerful to convince someone something is right.
relating to, involving, or dealing with abstract, general, or universal statements or laws
a clusterfuck means several problems occurring at the same time
Mainly US usage, very colloquial/vulgar
with a complex structure; difficult to approach; multiple problems generator
used to point out that small problems or unpleasant events can in the end help things get better
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