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1    the act of presenting or state of being presented  
2    the manner of presenting, esp. the organization of visual details to create an overall impression  
the presentation of the project is excellent but the content poor     
3    the method of presenting  
his presentation of the facts was muddled     
4    a verbal report presented with illustrative material, such as slides, graphs, etc.  
a presentation on the company results     
a    an offering or bestowal, as of a gift  
b    (as modifier)  
a presentation copy of a book     
6    a performance or representation, as of a play  
7    the formal introduction of a person, as into society or at court; debut  
8    the act or right of nominating a clergyman to a benefice  
9      (Med)   the position of a baby relative to the birth canal at the time of birth  
10      (Commerce)      another word for       presentment       4  
11      (Television)   linking material between programmes, such as announcements, trailers, or weather reports  
12       an archaic word for       gift  
13      (Philosophy)   a sense datum  
14    often cap      another name for (feast of)       Candlemas  
  presentational      adj  
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very short presentation of a product or a company that you would do to somebody you meet briefly, like in an elevator, to attract his/her attention
the method of using knowledge or information in order to understand something
Deduction in reading is a very important strategy because usually there are many words that you don't know, but can still be guessed with the prior knowledge you have.
activist using hacking as a method, hacker who does it for a "cause"
new word, not yet largely used
Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search and discover the online facts or information.
[Tech.];[Leg.] Cyber investigation is electronic method conducted through electronic system to search the online facts
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