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a    often preceded by: the   the organized civil force of a state, concerned with maintenance of law and order, the detection and prevention of crime, etc.  
b    (as modifier)  
a police inquiry     
2    functioning as pl   the members of such a force collectively  
3    any organized body with a similar function  
security police     
4    Archaic  
a    the regulation and control of a community, esp. in regard to the enforcement of law, the prevention of crime, etc.  
b    the department of government concerned with this  
      vb   tr  
5    to regulate, control, or keep in order by means of a police or similar force  
6    to observe or record the activity or enforcement of  
a committee was set up to police the new agreement on picketing     
7      (U.S.)   to make or keep (a military camp, etc.) clean and orderly  
     (C16: via French from Latin politia administration, government; see polity)  

International Criminal Police Organization  
      n      See       Interpol  
kitchen police  
      pl n     (U.S.)   soldiers who have been detailed to work in the kitchen, esp. as a punishment,   (Abbrev.)    KP  
military police  
      n   a corps within an army that performs police and disciplinary duties  
  military policeman      n  
police court  
1       another name for       magistrates' court  
2    (in Scotland, formerly) a burgh court with limited jurisdiction, presided over by lay magistrates or a stipendiary magistrate: replaced in 1975 by the district court  
police dog  
      n   a dog, often an Alsatian, trained to help the police, as in tracking  
Police Motu  
      n   a pidginized version of the Motu language, used as a lingua franca in Papua, originally chiefly by the police,   (Also called)    Hiri Motu  
police officer  
      n   a member of a police force, esp. a constable; policeman,   (Often (esp. as form of address) shortened to)    officer  
police procedural  
      n   a novel, film, or television drama that deals realistically with police work  
police state  
      n   a state or country in which a repressive government maintains control through the police  
police station  
      n   the office or headquarters of the police force of a district  
police wagon  
      n     (U.S)      another term for       patrol wagon  
Royal Canadian Mounted Police  
      n   the federal police force of Canada,   (Abbrev)    RCMP  
secret police  
      n   a police force that operates relatively secretly to check subversion or political dissent  
thought police  
      n   a group of people with totalitarian views on a given subject, who constantly monitor others for any deviation from prescribed thinking  
     (C20: from the Thought Police described by George Orwell in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four (1949))  
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slang: Police Officers
police van in which prisoners are transported from the police stations to the jails
slang term
police crowd management technique that consists of herding people into a compact group. AKA corralling
verification conducted by police to find out if a person has a criminal record or not.
Usually requested by an individual for new employment, citizenship applications, name changes, etc.


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