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1    a secret plan to achieve some purpose, esp. one that is illegal or underhand  
a plot to overthrow the government     
2    the story or plan of a play, novel, etc.  
3      (Military)   a graphic representation of an individual or tactical setting that pinpoints an artillery target  
4      (Chiefly U.S.)   a diagram or plan, esp. a surveyor's map  
5    lose the plot  
Informal   to lose one's ability or judgment in a given situation  
      vb   , plots, plotting, plotted  
6    to plan secretly (something illegal, revolutionary, etc.); conspire  
7    tr   to mark (a course, as of a ship or aircraft) on a map  
8    tr   to make a plan or map of  
a    to locate and mark (one or more points) on a graph by means of coordinates  
b    to draw (a curve) through these points  
10    tr   to construct the plot of (a literary work)  
     (C16: from plot2, influenced in use by complot)  
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