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1    of or relating to the private aspects of a person's life  
personal letters, a personal question     
2    prenominal   of or relating to a person's body, its care, or its appearance  
personal hygiene, great personal beauty     
3    belonging to or intended for a particular person and no-one else  
as a personal favour, for your personal use     
4    prenominal   undertaken by an individual himself  
a personal appearance by a celebrity     
5    referring to, concerning, or involving a person's individual personality, intimate affairs, etc., esp. in an offensive way  
personal remarks, don't be so personal     
6    having the attributes of an individual conscious being  
a personal God     
7    of or arising from the personality  
personal magnetism     
8    of, relating to, or denoting grammatical person  
9      (Law)   of or relating to movable property, such as money  
   Compare       real   1       8  
10      (Law)   an item of movable property  

personal column  
      n   a newspaper column containing personal messages, advertisements by charities, requests for friendship, holiday companions, etc.  
personal computer  
      n   a small inexpensive computer used in word processing, playing computer games, etc.  
personal equation  
1    the variation or error in observation or judgment caused by individual characteristics  
2    the allowance made for such variation  
personal equity plan  
      n      the full name for       PEP  
personal organizer  
1    a diary that stores personal records, appointments, notes, etc.  
2    a pocket-sized electronic device that performs the same functions  
personal pronoun  
      n   a pronoun having a definite person or thing as an antecedent and functioning grammatically in the same way as the noun that it replaces. In English, the personal pronouns include I, you, he, she, it, we, and they, and are inflected for case  
personal property  
      n     (Law)   movable property, such as furniture or money  
   Compare       real property     (Also called)    personalty  
personal stereo  
      n   a very small audio cassette player designed to be worn attached to a belt and used with lightweight headphones  
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lose contact
a person paid by the state to work in the interests of the nation who considers it to be a ‘right’ to be able abuse his or her authority to ensure personal gain for himself or herself at the expense of the nation…
neologism ... created on some blog
The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international, groups of people or organizations in furtherance of political, social or personal objectives.
[Tech.];[Leg.] The attack on computers, networks and interconnected infrastructures with intent to intimidate or coerce a national, international community.
virtual network linking an user to his or her professional and / or personal contacts
1. Los Angeles or Hollywood, especially with regard to the film and television industry, in their reputed glamour and trendiness 2. a fanciful state or dreamworld [be in la-la land = a state of being out of touch with reality]
[US] [informal] 1. She's very fond of stories about life in la-la land 2. He's unrealistic about these issues and looks like he's in la-la land the whole time
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