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1    the act, process, or art of performing  
2    an artistic or dramatic production  
last night's performance was terrible     
3    manner or quality of functioning  
a machine's performance     
4    Informal   mode of conduct or behaviour, esp. when distasteful or irregular  
what did you mean by that performance at the restaurant?     
5    Informal   any tiresome procedure  
what a performance dressing the children to play in the snow!     
6    any accomplishment  
7      (Linguistics)   (in transformational grammar) the form of the human language faculty, viewed as concretely embodied in speakers  
   Compare       competence       5       langue       parole       5  

command performance  
      n   a performance of a play, opera, etc., at the request of a ruler or of royalty  
performance appraisal  
      n   the assessment, at regular intervals, of an employee's performance at work  
performance art  
      n   a theatrical presentation that incorporates various art forms, such as dance, sculpture, music, etc.  
performance bond  
      n   a bond given by a bank to a third party guaranteeing that if a specified customer fails to fulfil all the terms of a specified contract, the bank will be responsible for any loss sustained by the third party  
performance test  
      n     (Psychol)   a test designed to assess a person's manual ability  
specific performance  
      n     (Law)   a remedy awarded by a court where damages are an insufficient remedy  
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a short performance
sigle of "Air Launched Cruise Missile" that can find his target electronically by his own means at a long distance according to a memorized map of the landscape he has to pass over
can also be launched from the soil or the sea. they can be reprogrammed or destroyed during the fly by the "sender"
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