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a    a colourless odourless highly reactive gaseous element: the most abundant element in the earth's crust (49.2 per cent). It is essential for aerobic respiration and almost all combustion and is widely used in industry. Symbol: O; atomic no.: 8; atomic wt.: 15.9994; valency: 2; density: 1.429 kg/m3; melting pt.: --218.79°C; boiling pt.: --182.97°C  
b    (as modifier)  
an oxygen mask     
  oxygenous      adj  

biochemical oxygen demand  
      n   a measure of the organic pollution of water: the amount of oxygen, in mg per litre of water, absorbed by a sample kept at 20°C for five days,   (Abbrev.)    BOD  
liquid oxygen  
      n   the clear pale blue liquid state of oxygen produced by liquefying air and allowing the nitrogen to evaporate: used in rocket fuels,   (Also called)    lox  
oxygen acid  
      n      another name for       oxyacid  
oxygen effect  
      n     (Biology)   the increased sensitivity to radiation of living organisms, tissues, etc., when they are exposed in the presence of oxygen  
oxygen mask  
      n   a device, worn over the nose and mouth, to which oxygen is supplied from a cylinder or other source: used to aid breathing  
oxygen tent  
      n     (Med)   a transparent enclosure covering a bedridden patient, into which oxygen is released to help maintain respiration  
oxygen weed  
      n     (N.Z.)      another name for       water hyacinth  
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