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      n   any terrestrial or epiphytic plant of the family Orchidaceae, having flowers of unusual shapes and beautiful colours, specialized for pollination by certain insects  
   See       bee orchid       burnt-tip orchid       fly orchid       frog orchid       lady orchid       lizard orchid       man orchid       monkey orchid       purple-fringed orchid       pyramidal orchid       scented orchid       spider orchid       spotted orchid  
     (C19: from New Latin Orchideae; see orchis)  

bee orchid  
      n   a European orchid, Ophrys apifera, whose flower resembles a bumble bee in shape and colour  
bird's-nest orchid  
      n   a brown parasitic Eurasian orchid, Neottia nidus-avis, whose thick fleshy roots resemble a bird's nest and contain a fungus on which the orchid feeds  
bog orchid  
      n   an orchid, Hammarbya (or Malaxis) paludosa, growing in sphagnum bogs in the N hemisphere. It has greenish-yellow flowers and its leaves bear a fringe of tiny bulbils  
burnt-tip orchid  
      n   a small orchid, Orchis ustulata, resembling the lady orchid, having dark reddish-brown hoods that give a burnt look to the tip of the flower spike  
early purple orchid  
      n   a Eurasian orchid, Orchis mascula, with purplish-crimson flowers and stems marked with blackish-purple spots  
fly orchid  
      n   a European orchid, Ophrys insectifera, whose flowers resemble and attract certain wasps: found in wood margins and scrub on chalk soils  
fragrant orchid  
      n      another name for       scented orchid  
frog orchid  
      n   any of several orchids having greenish flowers thought to resemble small frogs, esp. Coeloglossum viride of calcareous turf  
lady orchid  
      n   a tall graceful orchid, Orchis purpurea, with faintly scented purple-brown and green flowers with a pinkish or white lip  
     (C19: named from a fancied resemblance to a lady in regency dress and bonnet)  
lizard orchid  
      n   a European orchid, Orchis hircina, rare in Britain, having a tangled spike of purplish and grey-green flowers  
man orchid  
      n   an orchid, Aceras anthropophorum, having greenish or reddish flowers in a loose spike, with a deeply lobed dark brown lip thought to resemble the silhouette of a man  
marsh orchid  
      n   any of various orchids of the genus Dactylorchis, growing in damp places and having mostly purplish flowers  
military orchid  
      n      another name for       soldier orchid  
monkey orchid  
      n   a European orchid, Orchis simia, rare in Britain, having a short dense flower spike that opens from the top downwards. The flowers are white streaked with pink or violet and have five spurs thought to resemble a monkey's arms, legs, and tail  
musk orchid  
      n   a small Eurasian orchid, Herminium monorchis, with dense spikes of musk-scented greenish-yellow flowers  
purple-fringed orchid   , orchis  
      n   either of two North American orchids, Habenaria psychodes or H. fimbriata, having purple fringed flowers  
pyramidal orchid  
      n   a chalk-loving orchid, Anacamptis pyramidalis, bearing a dense cone-shaped spike of purplish-pink flowers with a long curved spur  
scented orchid  
      n   a slender orchid, Gymnadenia conopsea, with fragrant pink flowers carried in a dense spike and having a three-lobed lip; found in calcareous turf. The less common larger scented orchid is G. densiflora,   (Also called)    fragrant orchid  
soldier orchid  
      n   a European orchid, Orchis militaris, having pale purple flowers with a four-lobed lower lip,   (Also called)    military orchid  
     (from an imagined resemblance to a soldier)  
spider orchid  
      n   any of several European orchids of the genus Ophrys, esp. O. sphegodes, having a flower with yellow, green, or pink sepals and a broad brown velvety lip  
spotted orchid  
1    any of various common Eurasian orchids, esp. the heath and common spotted orchids (Dactylorchis maculata and D. fuchsii). The flowers are variable but usually have dark blotches  
2    a tall orchid, Dipodium punctatum, with white pink-spotted flowers, found in Australia  
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