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1    the act, process, or manner of operating  
2    the state of being in effect, in action, or operative (esp. in the phrases in or into operation)  
3    a process, method, or series of acts, esp. of a practical or mechanical nature  
4      (Surgery)   any manipulation of the body or one of its organs or parts to repair damage, arrest the progress of a disease, remove foreign matter, etc.  
a    a military or naval action, such as a campaign, manoeuvre, etc.  
b    cap and prenominal when part of a name  
Operation Crossbow     
6      (Maths)  
a    any procedure, such as addition, multiplication, involution, or differentiation, in which one or more numbers or quantities are operated upon according to specific rules  
b    a function from a set onto itself  
7    a commercial or financial transaction  

commando operation  
      n     (Surgery)   a major operation for treatment of cancer of the head and neck, involving removal of many facial structures and subsequent surgical reconstruction  
holding operation  
      n   a plan or procedure devised to prolong the existing situation  
logical operation  
      n     (Computing)   an operation involving the use of logical functions, such as and or or, that are applied to the input signals of a particular logic circuit  
Mules operation  
      n     (Austral)   the surgical removal of folds of skin in the breech of a sheep to reduce blowfly strike  
     (named after J. H. W. Mules (died 1946), Australian grazier who first suggested it)  
Operation Barbarossa  
      n   the codename for Hitler's invasion (1941) of Russia  
Operation Desert Storm  
      n   the codename for the U.S.-led UN operation to liberate Kuwait from Iraq (1991)  
Operation Overlord  
      n   the codename for the Allied invasion (June 1944) of northern France  
Operation Sealion  
      n   the codename for Hitler's proposed invasion (1940) of Great Britain  
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work and operations made in drilling for maintaining petroleum or Gas wells effective


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