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1    the act of making or becoming open  
2    a vacant or unobstructed space, esp. one that will serve as a passageway; gap  
3      (Chiefly U.S.)   a tract in a forest in which trees are scattered or absent  
4    the first part or stage of something  
a    the first performance of something, esp. a theatrical production  
b    (as modifier)  
the opening night     
6    a specific or formal sequence of moves at the start of any of certain games, esp. chess or draughts  
7    an opportunity or chance, esp. for employment or promotion in a business concern  
8      (Law)   the preliminary statement made by counsel to the court or jury before adducing evidence in support of his case  

delayed opening  
      n     (Aeronautics)   the automatic opening of a parachute after a predetermined delay to allow the parachutist to reach a particular height  
opening time  
      n     (Brit)   the time at which public houses can legally start selling alcoholic drinks  
winning opening  
      n     (Real Tennis)   the grille, dedans, or winning gallery, into which any shot played wins a point  
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1    aperture, breach, break, chink, cleft, crack, fissure, gap, hole, interstice, orifice, perforation, rent, rupture, slot, space, split, vent  
2    break     (informal)   chance, look-in     (informal)   occasion, opportunity, place, vacancy, window  
3    beginning, birth, commencement, dawn, inauguration, inception, initiation, kickoff     (informal)   launch, launching, onset, opening move, outset, overture, start  
4    beginning, commencing, early, first, inaugural, initial, initiatory, introductory, maiden, primary  
1    blockage, cessation, closing, closure, obstruction, occlusion, plug, seal, stoppage  
3    close, completion, conclusion, culmination, ending, finale, finish, termination, winding up     (informal)  

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