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1    grave in nature or disposition; thoughtful  
a serious person     
2    marked by deep feeling; in earnest; sincere  
is he serious or joking?     
3    concerned with important matters  
a serious conversation     
4    requiring effort or concentration  
a serious book     
5    giving rise to fear or anxiety; critical  
a serious illness     
6    Informal   worthy of regard because of substantial quantity or quality  
serious money, serious wine     
7    Informal   extreme or remarkable  
a serious haircut     
     (C15: from Late Latin seriosus, from Latin serius; probably related to Old English swær gloomy, Gothic swers esteemed)  
  seriousness      n  
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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
to become more serious
get seriously involved in a relationship
finalize smth. successfully / in a positive manner
E.g.: The negotiations were tough, but they ended on a high note
relax; become less serious or less angry
[Slang] It was just an accident! Come on, lighten up!
share ideas based on a similar experience
[Fig.] E.g.: They were both going through a divorce, so they met to compare notes.
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