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1    the official language of Greece, constituting the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages  
   See       Ancient Greek       Late Greek       Medieval Greek       Modern Greek  
2    a native or inhabitant of Greece or a descendant of such a native  
3    a member of the Greek Orthodox Church  
4    Informal   anything incomprehensible (esp. in the phrase it's (all) Greek to me)  
5    Greek meets Greek          equals meet  
6    denoting, relating to, or characteristic of Greece, the Greeks, or the Greek language; Hellenic  
7    of, relating to, or designating the Greek Orthodox Church  
     (from Old English Grecas (plural), or Latin Graecus, from Greek Graikos)  
  Greekness      n  
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care provided for old or sick people or children in a residential facility ("home")
a humorous and old-fashioned word that means a chamber pot
Comes from the fact that the chamber pot 'gazunder' (= goes under) the bed


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