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1    the official language of Greece, constituting the Hellenic branch of the Indo-European family of languages  
   See       Ancient Greek       Late Greek       Medieval Greek       Modern Greek  
2    a native or inhabitant of Greece or a descendant of such a native  
3    a member of the Greek Orthodox Church  
4    Informal   anything incomprehensible (esp. in the phrase it's (all) Greek to me)  
5    Greek meets Greek   equals meet  
6    denoting, relating to, or characteristic of Greece, the Greeks, or the Greek language; Hellenic  
7    of, relating to, or designating the Greek Orthodox Church  
     (from Old English Grecas (plural), or Latin Graecus, from Greek Graikos)  
  Greekness      n  

Ancient Greek  
      n   the Greek language from the earliest records to about 300 b.c., the chief dialect areas of which were Aeolic, Arcadic, Doric, and Ionic (including Attic)  
   Compare       Koine       Late Greek       Medieval Greek  
Greek Catholic  
1    a member of an Eastern Church in communion with the Greek patriarchal see of Constantinople  
2    a member of one of the Uniat Greek Churches, which acknowledge the Pope's authority while retaining their own institutions, discipline, and liturgy  
Greek Church  
      n      another name for the       Greek Orthodox Church  
Greek cross  
      n   a cross with each of the four arms of the same length  
Greek fire  
1    a Byzantine weapon employed in naval warfare from 670 a.d. It consisted of an unknown mixture that, when wetted, exploded and was projected, burning, from tubes  
2    any of several other inflammable mixtures used in warfare up to the 19th century  
Greek gift  
      n   a gift given with the intention of tricking and causing harm to the recipient  
     (C19: in allusion to Virgil's Aeneid ii 49; see also Trojan Horse)  
Greek mallow  
      n      See       sidalcea  
Greek Orthodox Church  
1      (Also called)    Greek Church   the established Church of Greece, governed by the holy synod of Greece, in which the Metropolitan of Athens has primacy of honour  
2       another name for       Orthodox Church  
Greek Revival  
      n   modifier   denoting, relating to, or having the style of architecture used in Western Europe in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, based upon ancient Greek classical examples  
  Greek Revivalism      n  
  Greek Revivalist      adj, n  
Late Greek  
      n   the Greek language from about the 3rd to the 8th centuries a.d  
   Compare       Medieval Greek       Koine  
Medieval Greek  
      n   the Greek language from the 7th century a.d. to shortly after the sacking of Constantinople in 1204,   (Also called)    Middle Greek, Byzantine Greek      Compare       Koine       Late Greek       Ancient Greek  
Middle Greek  
      n      another name for       Medieval Greek  
Modern Greek  
      n   the Greek language since about 1453 a.d. (the fall of Byzantium)  
   Compare       Demotic       Katharevusa  
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an old implement that was used for washing clothes
To position ones self, or an object like your rusty old car, in a place that is not only open and clearly visible to all, it is unavoidably in just about everyone's way.
[Slang] "You can't miss him, he's over there, parked in his POS Volvo, smack dab in the middle of the road!" source : Urban Dictionary
care provided for old or sick people or children in a residential facility ("home")
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