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a    the fleshy spore-producing body of any of various basidiomycetous fungi, typically consisting of a cap (see pileus) at the end of a stem arising from an underground mycelium. Some species, such as the field mushroom, are edible  
   Compare       toadstool  
b    (as modifier)  
mushroom soup     
2    the fungus producing any of these structures  
a    something resembling a mushroom in shape or rapid growth  
b    (as modifier)  
mushroom expansion     
      vb   intr  
4    to grow rapidly  
demand mushroomed overnight     
5    to assume a mushroom-like shape  
6    to gather mushrooms  
     (C15: from Old French mousseron, from Late Latin mussirio, of obscure origin)  

horse mushroom  
      n   a large edible agaricaceous field mushroom, Agaricus arvensis, with a white cap and greyish gills  
magic mushroom  
Informal   any of various types of fungi that contain a hallucinogenic substance, esp. Psilocybe mexicana, which contains psilocybin  
meadow mushroom  
      n   a saprotrophic agaricaceous edible fungus, Agaricus (or Psalliota) campestris, having a white cap with pink or brown gills on the underside  
mushroom cloud  
      n   the large mushroom-shaped cloud of dust, debris, etc. produced by a nuclear explosion  
parasol mushroom  
      n   any of several fungi of the basidiomycetous genus Lepiota, having an umbrella-shaped cap, white gills, and a slender brownish stem with a prominent white ring  
sacred mushroom  
1    any of various hallucinogenic mushrooms, esp. species of Psilocybe and Amanita, that have been eaten in rituals in various parts of the world  
2    a mescal button, used in a similar way  
Saint George's mushroom  
      n   an edible whitish basidiomycetous fungus, Tricholoma gambosum, with a floury smell  
     (so named because it appears earlier than most fungi, around St George's day (23 April))  
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what's up
sms like writing, incorrect form in English
it's ready!
or "dinner's ready!"; "lunch is ready!"; "breakfast's ready!"
could refer to a very weak cup of tea/pint of beer
(in an auction, negotiation or other business competition) the situation in which the winning party has overrated the pursued object
a mess, a failure
[Slang];[UK] it comes from the cooking domain where the phrase described a dish that was not tasty enough and therefore thrown away to dogs
[in Thailand] young male transsexual (often a sex worker)
stop talking; refrain from saying something
the duck's nuts, the best, the dog's bollocks
the best, the dog's bollocks , the bee's knees
when sth sounds too good to be true and not as good as it seems to be and you suspect that there is a hidden problem
be kept waiting
The duck's nuts, the best, the top.
to rattle someone's cage means to do something that is likely to annoy them or unsettle them
take credit for another person's accomplishment
kill someone; cause a big damage to someone
to lose one's temper
very familiar
(about a positive event/situation) happen out of the blue, without any effort from the impacted persons
make a lot of efforts to understand something
spoil someone's plans; spoil someone's pleasure or joy.
I hate to rain on your parade, but we will not be able to host your birthday party next week.
expression used to describe the practice of a company using internally the marketed products
[Bus.] expression originating from and widely used in software industry; the practice is also known as "dogfooding"
one who solves people's problems
means a liquid is not clear: this tea's got bits in it, I don't like yogurt with bits in it
assez proche de l'idée de 'il y a à boire et à manger'
something is easy to do
if people live in each other's pocket, they spend a lot of time together
go for something, take one's chances
have everything together; have all things settled/organized
E.g.: Just when I had got all my ducks in a row and I was ready to go, I received a call and had to cancel my trip.
be tone-deaf
comes from a pun related to Van Gogh (a painter) cutting off his left ear and the expression "have an ear for music" = be particularly good at learning music
there is something really obvious that no one talks about
get rid of a strong feeling towards something or someone
[Informal] If you have done something wrong, tell him and get it out of your system. After the break up, it took him some while to get her out of his system.
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