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a    a natural upward projection of the earth's surface, higher and steeper than a hill and often having a rocky summit  
b    (as modifier)  
mountain people, mountain scenery     
c    (in combination)  
a mountaintop     
2    a huge heap or mass  
a mountain of papers     
3    anything of great quantity or size  
4    a surplus of a commodity, esp. in the European Union  
the butter mountain     
5    a mountain to climb     (Brit)  
informal   a serious or considerable difficulty or obstruction to overcome  
6    make a mountain out of a molehill      See       molehill       2  
     (C13: from Old French montaigne, from Vulgar Latin montanea (unattested) mountainous, from Latin montanus, from mons mountain)  

Black Mountain  
      n   the. a mountain range in S Wales, in E Carmarthenshire and W Powys. Highest peak: Carmarthen Van, 802 m (2632 ft.)  
      n      another name for       catamount  
great mountain buttercup  
      n     (N.Z.)      See       Mount Cook lily  
Green Mountain Boys  
      pl n   the members of the armed bands of Vermont organized in 1770 to oppose New York's territorial claims. Under Ethan Allen they won fame in the War of American Independence  
      n   the. an extremist faction during the French Revolution led by Danton and Robespierre  
     (C18: so called because its members sat in the highest row of seats at the National Convention Hall in 1793)  
mountain ash  
1    any of various trees of the rosaceous genus Sorbus, such as S aucuparia (European mountain ash or rowan), having clusters of small white flowers and bright red berries  
2    any of several Australian eucalyptus trees, such as Eucalyptus regnans  
mountain avens  
      n      See       avens       2  
mountain bike     
a type of sturdy bicycle with at least 16 and up to 21 gears, straight handlebars, and heavy-duty tyres  
mountain cat  
      n   any of various wild feline mammals, such as the bobcat, lynx, or puma  
mountain chain  
      n   a series of ranges of mountains  
mountain devil  
      n      another name for       moloch  
mountain everlasting  
      n      another name for       cat's-foot  
mountain goat  
1       short for       Rocky Mountain goat  
2    any wild goat inhabiting mountainous regions  
mountain laurel  
      n   any of various ericaceous shrubs or trees of the genus Kalmia, esp. K. latifolia of E North America, which has leathery poisonous leaves and clusters of pink or white flowers,   (Also called)    calico bush  
mountain lion  
      n      another name for       puma  
mountain range  
      n   a series of adjoining mountains or of lines of mountains of similar origin  
mountain sheep  
1       another name for       bighorn  
2    any wild sheep inhabiting mountainous regions  
mountain sickness  
      n   nausea, headache, and shortness of breath caused by climbing to high altitudes (usually above 12000 ft.),   (Also called)    altitude sickness  
Mountain Standard Time  
      n   one of the standard times used in North America, seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time,   (Abbrev.)    MST  
Ngaliema Mountain  
      n      the Congolese name for (Mount)       Stanley  
Pyrenean mountain dog  
      n   a large heavily built dog of an ancient breed originally used to protect sheep from wild animals: it has a long thick white coat with a dense ruff  
Rocky Mountain goat  
      n   a sure-footed goat antelope, Oreamnos americanus, inhabiting the Rocky Mountains. It has thick white hair and black backward-curving horns  
Rocky Mountain spotted fever  
      n   an acute rickettsial disease characterized by high fever, chills, pain in muscles and joints, skin rash, etc. It is caused by the bite of a tick infected with the microorganism Rickettsia rickettsii  
      n   a North American euphorbiaceous plant, Euphorbia marginata, having white-edged leaves and showy white bracts surrounding small flowers  
Sugar Loaf Mountain  
      n   a mountain in SE Brazil, in Rio de Janeiro on Guanabara Bay. Height: 390 m (1280 ft.),   (Portuguese name)    Pão de Açúcar  
Table Mountain  
      n   a mountain in SW South Africa, overlooking Cape Town and Table Bay: flat-topped and steep-sided. Height: 1087 m (3567 ft.)  
Welsh Mountain  
      n   a common breed of small hardy sheep kept mainly in the mountains of Wales  
Welsh mountain pony  
      n   a small sturdy but graceful breed of pony used mostly for riding, originally from Wales  
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name given to the Great Lakes Storm of 1913
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