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1    a mixture of cement or lime or both with sand and water, used as a bond between bricks or stones or as a covering on a wall  
2    a muzzle-loading cannon having a short barrel and relatively wide bore that fires low-velocity shells in high trajectories over a short range  
3    a similar device for firing lifelines, fireworks, etc.  
4    a vessel, usually bowl-shaped, in which substances are pulverized with a pestle  
5      (Mining)   a cast-iron receptacle in which ore is crushed  
      vb   tr  
6    to join (bricks or stones) or cover (a wall) with mortar  
7    to fire on with mortars  
     (C13: from Latin mortarium basin in which mortar is mixed; in some senses, via Old French mortier substance mixed inside such a vessel)  

trench mortar  
      n   a portable mortar used in trench warfare to shoot projectiles at a high trajectory over a short range  
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business operating in a "real world" not on the internet : like a department store, a car manufacturer
see : click and mortar : a business that combine new technologies and traditional business
business linked to the Internet but also to traditional economy
yell at someone; attack someone verbally or physically
Cyberextortion is online crime threatening to attack a person coupled with demand of illegal gains to stop the attack
[Leg.];[Tech.] online threat to gain illegal gains
Cybersecurity are measures of adopt of technologies, processes and practices aim to protect computers, networks and digital data from attack.


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