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1    of or relating to money or currency  
2    of or relating to monetarism  
a monetary policy     
     (C19: from Late Latin monetarius, from Latin moneta money)  
  monetarily      adv  

European Monetary Institute  
      n   an organization set up in 1991 to coordinate economic and monetary policy within the European Union  
European Monetary System  
      n   the system used in the European Union for stabilizing exchange rates between the currencies of member states participating in the Exchange Rate Mechanism and the balance-of-payments support mechanism. The original exchange rate mechanism was formed in 1979 but superseded in 1999 when the euro was adopted as official currency of 11 EU member states. A new exchange rate mechanism (ERM II) based on the euro will be used to regulate the currencies of EU member states that have not adopted the euro,   (Abbrev.)    EMS  
International Monetary Fund  
      n   an international financial institution organized in 1945 to promote international trade by increasing the exchange stability of the major currencies. A fund is maintained out of which member nations with temporary balance-of-payments deficits may make withdrawals,   (Abbrev.)    IMF  
monetary unit  
      n   a unit of value and money of a country, esp. the major or standard unit  
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monetary and ethical value of digital assets
unconventional monetary policy used by central banks to stimulate the national economy when conventional monetary policy has become ineffective.
monetary or non-monetary worth given to virtual assets or contents
Free On Board: A legal term meaning that when the seller loads merchandise for transportation, he bears full responsibility for it but if the merchandise is later lost or harmed, the buyer suffers the loss.
military aviation term: loss of visual reference during take-off or landing due to the sand or dust
loss of feelings for someone who was formerly loved ; falling out of love
From Greek: an = without ; agape = love
money paid to someone because they have suffered injury or loss, or because what they own has been damaged
[US] She received a compensation from the government for the damage caused to her property.
money that is paid because someone suffered from a loss of what they own (such as injury)
When you are responsible for someone's serious injury, I think you should pay compensation to that person.
Mydriasis Unilateral : because medication, loss of Eye inervation . Bilateral profound pupillary areflexia isssen in very profound Coma , Cardiac Arrest or in Death
medical term
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