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1    not extreme or excessive; within due or reasonable limits  
moderate demands     
2    not violent; mild or temperate  
3    of average quality or extent  
moderate success     
4    a person who holds moderate views, esp. in politics  
5    to become or cause to become less extreme or violent  
6    when intr, often foll by: over   to preside over a meeting, discussion, etc.  
7      (Brit. and N.Z.)   to act as an external moderator of the overall standards and marks for (some types of educational assessment)  
8      (Physics)   to slow down (neutrons), esp. by using a moderator  
     (C14: from Latin moderatus observing moderation, from moderari to restrain)  
   moderately             adv  
  moderateness      n  
  moderatism      n  
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