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1    of, relating to, or characteristic of mode or manner  
2      (Grammar)   (of a verb form or auxiliary verb) expressing a distinction of mood, such as that between possibility and actuality. The modal auxiliaries in English include can, do, may, must, need, ought, shall, should, will, and would  
3      (Philosophy, logic)  
a    qualifying or expressing a qualification of the truth of some statement, for example, as necessary or contingent  
b    relating to analogous qualifications such as that of rules as obligatory or permissive  
4      (Metaphysics)   of or relating to the form of a thing as opposed to its attributes, substance, etc.  
5      (Music)   of or relating to a mode  
6    of or relating to a statistical mode  
  modally      adv  

modal logic  
1    the logical study of such philosophical concepts as necessity, possibility, contingency, etc.  
2    the logical study of concepts whose formal properties resemble certain moral, epistemological, and psychological concepts  
   See also       alethic       deontic       epistemic       doxastic  
3    any formal system capable of being interpreted as a model for the behaviour of such concepts  
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mod, moa, Modena, modally

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