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1    formed or blended together by mixing  
2    composed of different elements, races, sexes, etc.  
a mixed school     
3    consisting of conflicting elements, thoughts, attitudes, etc.  
mixed feelings, mixed motives     
4      (of a legal action)  
a    having the nature of both a real and a personal action, such as a demand for the return of wrongfully withheld property as well as for damages to compensate for the loss  
b    having aspects or issues determinable by different persons or bodies  
a mixed question of law and fact     
5    (of an inflorescence) containing cymose and racemose branches  
6    (of a nerve) containing both motor and sensory nerve fibres  
7      (Maths)  
a    (of a number) consisting of the sum of an integer and a fraction, as 5½  
b    (of a decimal) consisting of the sum of an integer and a decimal fraction, as 17.43  
c    (of an algebraic expression) consisting of the sum of a polynomial and a rational fraction, such as 2x + 4x2 + 2/3x  
  mixedly      adv  
  mixedness      n  

mixed bag  
Informal   something composed of diverse elements, characteristics, people, etc.  
mixed blessing  
      n   an event, situation, etc., having both advantages and disadvantages  
mixed bud  
      n   a bud containing both rudimentary flowers and foliage leaves  
mixed crystal  
      n     (Chem)   a crystal consisting of a solid solution of two or more distinct compounds  
mixed doubles  
      pl n     (Tennis)   a doubles game with a man and a woman as partners on each side  
mixed economy  
      n   an economy in which some industries are privately owned and others are publicly owned or nationalized  
mixed farming  
      n   combined arable and livestock farming (on mixed farms)  
mixed-flow turbine  
      n   a water turbine in which water flows radially and axially through the rotating vanes  
mixed grill  
      n   a dish made of several kinds of grilled meats, often served with grilled tomatoes and mushrooms  
mixed language  
      n   any language containing items of vocabulary or other linguistic characteristics borrowed from two or more existing languages  
   See also       pidgin       creole       1       lingua franca  
mixed marriage  
      n   a marriage between persons of different races or religions  
mixed metaphor  
      n   a combination of incongruous metaphors, as when the Nazi jackboots sing their swan song  
      adj   in a state of mental confusion; perplexed  
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not able to be mixed or combined
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