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1    a surface, such as polished metal or glass coated with a metal film, that reflects light without diffusion and produces an image of an object placed in front of it  
2    such a reflecting surface mounted in a frame  
3    any reflecting surface  
4    a thing that reflects or depicts something else  
the press is a mirror of public opinion     
5    tr   to reflect, represent, or depict faithfully  
he mirrors his teacher's ideals     
     (C13: from Old French from mirer to look at, from Latin mirari to wonder at)  
  mirror-like      adj  

antidazzle mirror  
      n   a rear-view mirror for road vehicles that only partially reflects headlights behind  
magnetic mirror  
      n     (Physics)   a configuration of magnetic fields used to confine charged particles, as in a magnetic bottle  
mirror ball  
      n   a large revolving ball covered with small pieces of mirror glass so that it reflects light in changing patterns: used in discos and ballrooms  
mirror canon  
      n     (Music)  
1    a canon in which the parts are written as though seen in a mirror placed between them: one part or set of parts is the upside-down image of the other  
2    sometimes, less accurately, a piece that can be played backwards  
mirror carp  
      n   a variety of the common carp (Cyprinus carpio) with reduced scales, giving a smooth shiny body surface  
mirror finish  
      n   a smooth highly polished surface produced on metal by mechanical or electrolytic polishing or lapping  
mirror image  
1    an image as observed in a mirror  
2    an object that corresponds to another object in the same way as it would correspond to its image in a mirror  
mirror lens  
      n     (Photog)   a lens of long focal length in which some of the lens elements are replaced by mirrors in order to shorten its overall length and reduce its weight  
mirror symmetry  
      n   symmetry about a plane (mirror plane) that divides the object or system into two mutual mirror images  
mirror writing  
      n   backward writing that forms a mirror image of normal writing  
rear-view mirror  
      n   a mirror on a motor vehicle enabling the driver to see traffic behind him  
two-way mirror  
      n   a half-silvered sheet of glass that functions as a mirror when viewed from one side but is translucent from the other  
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not matter; have no value or effect; be useless
fairly large, especially large enough to have an effect or be important
[US] The series has aroused considerable interest.
(metaphorically) manipulation attempt
His speech was nothing but smoke and mirrors
At a point where you know you have to make a decision that not only effects your life, not only the life of the objects you love but the ones that you consider as well. More than one crux will certainly cause an individual to have a dilemma or two.


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