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1    a communication, usually brief, from one person or group to another  
2    an implicit meaning or moral, as in a work of art  
3    a formal communiqué  
4    an inspired communication of a prophet or religious leader  
5    a mission; errand  
6    pl     (Scot)   shopping  
going for the messages     
7    get the message  
Informal   to understand what is meant  
8    tr   to send as a message, esp. to signal (a plan, etc.)  
     (C13: from Old French, from Vulgar Latin missaticum (unattested) something sent, from Latin missus, past participle of mittere to send)  

error message  
      n   a message displayed on a visual display unit, printout, etc., indicating that an incorrect instruction has been given to the computer  
message stick  
      n   a stick bearing carved symbols, carried by a native Australian as identification  
message switching  
      n     (Computing)   the maintenance of a telecommunication link between two devices for the duration of a message  
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1    bulletin, communication, communiqué, dispatch, intimation, letter, memorandum, missive, note, notice, tidings, word  
2    idea, import, meaning, moral, point, purport, theme  
3    commission, errand, job, mission, task  
4    get the message      catch on     (informal)   comprehend, get it, get the point, see, take the hint, twig     (Brit. informal)   understand  

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a message posted on Twittter
message containing legal threats (often grounded on fictive laws) sent on the purpose of intimidating the receiver
formed of "cartoon" and "attorney"
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