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1    of or relating to a hand or hands  
2    operated or done by hand  
manual controls     
3    physical, as opposed to mental or mechanical  
manual labour     
4    by human labour rather than automatic or computer-aided means  
5    of, relating to, or resembling a manual  
6    a book, esp. of instructions or information  
a car manual     
7      (Music)   one of the keyboards played by hand on an organ  
8      (Military)   the prescribed drill with small arms  
     (C15: via Old French from Latin manualis, from manus hand)  
  manually      adv  

sign manual  
      n     (Law)   a person's signature in his own hand, esp. that of a sovereign on an official document  
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A progressing virtual world of global computers having networks of interdependent information technology infrastructures, telecommunications networks and computer processing systems, in which online interaction takes place.
computation device whose processing power is derived from the application of quantum physics phenomena
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