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lone wolf


      n   a person who prefers to be alone  
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      n   pl   , wolves  
1    a predatory canine mammal, Canis lupus, which hunts in packs and was formerly widespread in North America and Eurasia but is now less common  
   See also       timber wolf  
Related adj  
2    any of several similar and related canines, such as the red wolf and the coyote (prairie wolf)  
3    the fur of any such animal  
4    Tasmanian wolf      another name for the       thylacine  
5    a voracious, grabbing, or fiercely cruel person or thing  
6    Informal   a man who habitually tries to seduce women  
7    Informal   the destructive larva of any of various moths and beetles  
8      (Also called)    wolf note     (Music)  
a    an unpleasant sound produced in some notes played on the violin, cello, etc., owing to resonant vibrations of the belly  
b    an out-of-tune effect produced on keyboard instruments accommodated esp. to the system of mean-tone temperament  
   See       temperament       4  
9    cry wolf   to give a false alarm  
10    keep the wolf from the door   to ward off starvation or privation  
11    lone wolf          a person or animal who prefers to be alone  
12    throw to the wolves   to abandon or deliver to destruction  
13    wolf in sheep's clothing   a malicious person in a harmless or benevolent disguise  
14    tr; often foll by: down   to gulp (down)  
15    intr   to hunt wolves  
     (Old English wulf; related to Old High German wolf, Old Norse ulfr, Gothic wulfs, Latin lupus and vulpes fox)  
  wolfish      adj  
  wolflike      adj  

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      adj   prenominal  
1    unaccompanied; solitary  
2    single or isolated  
a lone house     
3       a literary word for       lonely  
4    unmarried or widowed  
     (C14: from the mistaken division of alone into a lone)  
  loneness      n  

lone hand  
1    (in card games such as euchre) an independent player or hand played without a partner  
2    play a lone hand   to operate without assistance  
lone pair  
      n     (Chem)   a pair of valency electrons of opposite spin that are not shared between the atoms in a molecule and are responsible for the formation of coordinate bonds  
lone wolf  
      n   a person who prefers to be alone  

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by oneself, deserted, isolated, lonesome, one, only, separate, separated, single, sole, solitary, unaccompanied  

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Collaborative Dictionary     English Definition
pendant que le chien pisse, le loup s'en va
brebis comptée, le loup la mange
agneau en peau de tigre craint encore le loup
bien sot est le mouton qui se confesse au loup
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