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1    relating to, used in, or characteristic of logic  
2    using, according to, or deduced from the principles of logic  
a logical conclusion     
3    capable of or characterized by clear or valid reasoning  
4    reasonable or necessary because of facts, events, etc.  
the logical candidate     
5      (Computing)   of, performed by, used in, or relating to the logic circuits in a computer  
  logicality, logicalness      n  
  logically      adv  

logical atomism  
      n   the philosophical theory of Russell and the early Wittgenstein which held that all meaningful expressions must be analysable into atomic elements which refer directly to atomic elements of the real world  
logical consequence  
      n   the relation that obtains between the conclusion and the premises of a formally valid argument  
logical constant  
      n   one of the connectives of a given system of formal logic, esp. those of the sentential calculus, not, and, or, and if ... then ...  
logical form  
      n   the syntactic structure that may be shared by different expressions as abstracted from their content and articulated by the logical constants of a particular logical system, esp. the structure of an argument by virtue of which it can be shown to be formally valid. Thus John is tall and thin, so John is tall has the same logical form as London is large and dirty, so London is large, namely P & Q, so P  
logical operation  
      n     (Computing)   an operation involving the use of logical functions, such as and or or, that are applied to the input signals of a particular logic circuit  
logical positivism  
      n   a philosophical theory that holds to be meaningful only those propositions that can be analysed by the tools of logic into elementary propositions that are either tautological or are empirically verifiable. It therefore rejects metaphysics, theology, and sometimes ethics as meaningless  
logical sum  
      n      another name for       disjunction       3  
logical truth  
1       another term for       tautology       2  
2    the property of being logically tautologous  
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expression used to point out that one will eventually face the consequences of his own actions
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