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load shedding


      n   the act or practice of temporarily reducing the supply of electricity to an area to avoid overloading the generators  
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1    something to be borne or conveyed; weight  
a    the usual amount borne or conveyed  
b    (in combination)  
a carload     
3    something that weighs down, oppresses, or burdens  
that's a load off my mind     
4    a single charge of a firearm  
5    the weight that is carried by a structure  
   See also       dead load       live load  
6      (Electrical engineering, electronics)  
a    a device that receives or dissipates the power from an amplifier, oscillator, generator, or some other source of signals  
b    the power delivered by a machine, generator, circuit, etc.  
7    the force acting on a component in a mechanism or structure  
8    the resistance overcome by an engine or motor when it is driving a machine, etc.  
9    an external force applied to a component or mechanism  
10    a load of  
Informal   a quantity of  
a load of nonsense     
11    get a load of  
Informal   pay attention to  
12    have a load on     (U.S. and Canadian)  
slang   to be intoxicated  
13    shoot one's load  
Taboo slang   (of a man) to ejaculate at orgasm  
      vb   mainly tr  
14    also intr   to place or receive (cargo, goods, etc.) upon (a ship, lorry, etc.)  
15    to burden or oppress  
16    to supply or beset (someone) with in abundance or overwhelmingly  
they loaded her with gifts     
17    to cause to be biased  
to load a question     
18    also intr   to put an ammunition charge into (a firearm)  
19      (Photog)   to position (a film, cartridge, or plate) in (a camera)  
20    to weight or bias (a roulette wheel, dice, etc.)  
21      (Insurance)   to increase (a premium) to cover expenses, etc.  
22    to draw power from (an electrical device, such as a generator)  
23    to add material of high atomic number to (concrete) to increase its effectiveness as a radiation shield  
24    to increase the power output of (an electric circuit)  
25    to increase the work required from (an engine or motor)  
26    to apply force to (a mechanism or component)  
27      (Computing)   to transfer (a program) to a memory  
28    load the dice  
a    to add weights to dice in order to bias them  
b    to arrange to have a favourable or unfavourable position,   (See also)        loads  
     (Old English lad course; in meaning, influenced by lade1; related to lead1)  

back-end load  
      n   the final charges of commission and expenses made by an investment trust, insurance policy, etc., when the investor is paid out  
  back-end loading      n  
base load  
      n   the more or less constant part of the total load on an electrical power-supply system  
   Compare       peak load  
dead load  
      n   the intrinsic invariable weight of a structure, such as a bridge,   (Also called)    dead weight      Compare       live load  
dummy load  
      n   a resistive component that absorbs all the output power of an electrical generator or radio transmitter in order to simulate working conditions for test purposes  
front-end load  
      n   commission and other expenses paid for as a large proportion of the early payments made by an investor in an insurance policy or a long-term investment plan  
  front-end loading      n  
head-load     (African)  
1    baggage or goods arranged so as to be carried on the heads of African porters  
2    tr   to convey or carry (goods) on the head  
live load  
      n   a variable weight on a structure, such as moving traffic on a bridge,   (Also called)    superload      Compare       dead load  
load displacement  
      n     (Nautical)   the total weight of a cargo vessel loaded so that its waterline reaches the summer load line  
load factor  
1    the ratio of the average electric load to the peak load over a period of time  
2      (Aeronautics)  
a    the ratio of a given external load to the weight of an aircraft  
b    the actual payload carried by an aircraft as a percentage of its maximum payload  
load line  
      n     (Nautical)   a pattern of lines painted on the hull of a ship, approximately midway between the bow and the stern, indicating the various levels that the waterline should reach if the ship is properly loaded under given circumstances  
load shedding  
      n   the act or practice of temporarily reducing the supply of electricity to an area to avoid overloading the generators  
      vb   tr   to get rid of (something unpleasant or burdensome), as by delegation to another  
peak load  
      n   the maximum load on an electrical power-supply system  
   Compare       base load  
traction load  
      n     (Geology)   the solid material that is carried along the bed of a river  

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1    bale, cargo, consignment, freight, lading, shipment  
2    affliction, albatross, burden, encumbrance, incubus, millstone, onus, oppression, pressure, trouble, weight, worry  
3    cram, fill, freight, heap, lade, pack, pile, stack, stuff  
4    burden, encumber, hamper, oppress, saddle with, trouble, weigh down, worry  
5      (of firearms)   charge, make ready, prepare to fire, prime  
6    load the dice      fix, rig, set up  

disburden, discharge, dump, get rid of, jettison, lighten, shift, take off, transfer, unburden, unload, unship  

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love you loads
"je t'aime beaucoup" in French
Free On Board: A legal term meaning that when the seller loads merchandise for transportation, he bears full responsibility for it but if the merchandise is later lost or harmed, the buyer suffers the loss.
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